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7 New Wedding TECH Trends You Need to See

Posted by Ben Tamsky on

The modern wedding is more than just decoration, bridal fabric, and lace. Technology can amplify your wedding experience like never before; from live streams to apps on your iPhone, being aware of the newest technology can make your wedding unlike any of those before you.

  1. Make your wedding cake topper different than any of the ones your friends had, by creating completely unique designs with 3D printers. 3D printers allow you to make almost identical replicas of you and your special someone, allowing your cake to truly be one of a kind.3D wedding cake topper
  2. Apps like Glamsquad help to relieve the stress of your wedding day by sending professional stylists to your door, helping with your makeup, hair, and. All specialists are fully vetted by Glamsquad and are ensured to create that look you are aiming for.


  3. Drones can capture pictures that were once unimaginable and create moments on your special day that you can look back on. The new technology in drones is unbelievable and will allow your photographer to get to new heights

    Wedding drone image


  4. Create memorable moments even before wedding itself with Ringcam. With a camera built into the engagement ring box, proposals can be caught candidly letting you hold onto such this special moment for forever.

    Rigncam for your wedding

  5. Ideally everyone would be able to be there on your big day, but for those who could not, there is now a way for them to be a part of the experience even from afar. A live stream of your wedding on social media allows those who are not present…to still be there with you online.

    Facebook Live

  6. Wearable technology such as Fitbit products and Apple Watches are more for just tracking your fitness and sleep, they can be used to track your heart rates during important life moments. Wearable tech can tell you your heart rate at the exact time your special someone is walking down the aisle or during any other important moment of that special day.
    Fitbit for your wedding
  7. Everyone will be Snapchatting at your wedding so why not make each Snap as unique as possible. For as little as $5 you can have your own geofilter letting everyone at your wedding show off where they are. It will not only make your friends social media posts more fun, but make the wedding itself more memorable.

    Snapchat Global Wedding

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